Indamer has certified Maintenance and Repair shops to carry out the Component repair and overhaul services.

Propeller Overhauls & Repairs
Indamer provides the best overhaul (cold rolling process, shot peening process, static balancing, and optical comparator), repair and dynamic balancing in the industry for different models of Hartzell, McCauley and Sensenich Propellers

Our propeller shop employs factory-trained technicians. Our highly accurate electronic propeller measuring equipment ensures our ability to perform fully guaranteed repairs for our customers.

NDT Facilities

Indamer has in-house non-destructive testing (NDT) facility providing Eddy Current, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspections for required NDT testing on all makes and model of aircraft.

Following a strict, established protocol, every piece of equipment is calibrated to the exact test and material surface prior to every use and then again when testing is complete. That makes IAPL NDT team the most requested service on location.

Your one-stop source for all your avionics, instruments, electro-mechanical and electronics repair needs.
Electrical Shop
Our Electrical Shop combines state of the art test equipment with the talent and innovation of some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. The main areas covered within this shop include Battery Shop (Lead-Acid shop and Nickel-Cadmium shop) Generator and Blower Assembly shop, electronic accessories and electromechanical components. This shop is well equipped with skilled manpower, technical literature, test benches and chargers

Battery Shop

Indamer has evolved into one of the most respected DGCA approved Battery shop facilities in the country. We Provide services which includes initial charging and capacity test for Lead-Acid (also sealed Lead-Acid) batteries and Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
Starter-Generator and Blower Assembly Overhaul
We at Indamer provide a complete overhauling and testing facilities for various starter generators and cabin blower assembly. We also provide load test and capacity test for Emergency Power Supply units.
Instrument Shop
Indamer has instrument repair facilities and we provide exchanges of instrument and component service capabilities. Our Services includes bench checks (Sensitive Pressure Altimeter, Airspeed indicator, Rate of climb indicator, Turn and slip indicator) functional checks (Encoding Altimeter), calibration (Airspeed indicator) facilities and pressure testing for Aircraft fuel system.

The shop has latest test equipment such as Barfield Tester, ITT Tester Fuel Flow Tester etc.
Radio Shop
Our radio shop facilities include CVR Readout, ULB test, NRL test & Functional check of ELT and ELT Battery Replacement.
Landing Gear Overhaul and Hydraulic Shop
Indamer is authorized to carry out landing gear repairs, overhauling, servicing of brakes, pressure testing of hydraulic hoses and other services. Our technical skill, customer support programs, test capabilities and equipment are highly regarded among our customers and we work closely with our customers to provide onsite troubleshooting.
Wheel and Brake Shop
Indamer offers a wide range of brakes and wheel build up facilities. Our capability includes various models of Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Cessna Citation. We are supported by a designated engineering team. High training standards, strategic material purchasing alliances and largely automated processes ensure high quality, competitive pricing and short turnaround times. Our services include tire changes, extensive non destructive testing, major repairs and modifications.
Hot Section Inspection and Boroscope Inspection
We provide hot section inspection for PT6 engines series fitted on King Air series of aircraft and 1900 D aircraft. Indamer also has boroscopic inspection facilities.
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